What is eyebrow threading?

In some places, eyebrow threading is a new technique that is yet to be utilized. Though this is a very ancient hair plucking technique, it is still struggling to gain popularity in most places mainly due to lack of experienced personnel to perform the involved procedures. For those who are yet to try out this hair trimming technique, trust me you are missing a lot. In most cases, those who get a chance to try it out will never wish to go back to tweezing or waxing because it is way better than any of them both in terms of the involved procedures and the end result.

As you can see from its name, eyebrow threading involves the use of a thread to remove unwanted hairs on the eyebrows. The threading technique is not limited to eyebrows alone but can be used to trim any facial hair. There are different threading techniques that can be employed including the mouth method technique, the hand method and the neck method. Each has its own pros and cons though the hand technique is the most used. In each of these techniques, a thread, made of polyester or cotton, will be expertly used to hold and pluck out hair in one movement. As you can see, the technique may not be far from tweezers but the main difference is that in comparison to tweezing, threading can pluck out a whole line of hair at ago while in tweezing you will have to go a hair at a time. This makes threading the most preferred method as it is a time saver.

Eyebrow threading is slowly replacing waxing because of its advantages. In comparison to waxing, threading has be known to produce a better trimmed hairline. This is because it allows for a more precise control of the trimming process as compared to trimming. It is also known as the skin saver as its procedure does not in any case affect the skin. Waxing on the other hand will expose you to all types of chemicals which may not be user friendly. Not to mention the process of removing the wax which may sometimes leave you with an inflamed skin. Due to its preciseness and its superior end results, it can be used on any of the facial hairs and also the upper lip. It is however not preferred on the arms and legs due to the structure of the hair in those regions and number of hair that you have to remove. Since this also does not require any preciseness, you can use any method that you deem fit for you. The main disadvantage of using threading is the pain involved. Don’t be mistaken that there is no pain in waxing, many people have been known to dread the wax removing process which mainly involves plucking out the paper that holds the hardened wax which is usually entangled in hair. Tweezing will be twice as much painful. If it is done by a person with the right skills, this can be less painful plus you will get used to it after a short while.


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