Pros and cons of eyebrow waxing

It is a well-known fact that each part of our body has unique role to play. However small a part maybe, you may not know their importance until you miss it. The eyebrows for example have the role of protecting your eyes. They are also a source of beauty and are credited for the defining look that you have. Unfortunately to some of us, our eyebrows seem to be in disagreement with us on the beauty issue. This is where eyebrow waxing jumps in. There are some of us that were lucky enough to be born with a completely tame pair of eyebrows. Eyebrows that will keep their shape with not even one hair falling out of line. That is the story of the lucky few that some of us can’t relate to. It is however not anything to be ashamed of if you fall in the other category because there are several remedies to this and waxing is one of them.

The advantage of eyebrow waxing is that if done well, it can give you very good results that you will be proud to be associated with. Waxing can either be used to trim, shape or even control your eyebrows growth. If yours is the untamed type of eyebrows, there is no better way of bringing it under control than through waxing. It will help you reclaim your appealing, individualistic look that your untamed eyebrows might have snatched from you. Also, depending on your preferred method of waxing, it is something that you can easily do on your own.

There are two main types of waxing, namely hot waxing and cold waxing. The main difference depends on the type of wax in play. In hot waxing, the wax usually comes in solid form and has to be melted in order to be applied while still hot. You will then have to press the removing strip on it before it dries and wait for it to cool down and dry before removing it. Cold waxing on the other hand comes in paste form that is already applied on the removal strip and relies on some resin to cure before removal. Hot waxing has the advantage of doing its work in one application while one has to do it severally to achieve the same in cold waxing. Cold waxing on the other hand is easy to employ and less dangerous in comparison to hot waxing.

The main disadvantage of eyebrow waxing is the dangers that you expose yourself and your skin to when you use it. The chemicals contained in the wax may have adverse effects especially if you have sensitive skin. Some of them will even have carcinogenic substances which are generally not good to our health. Waxing will also tend to interfere with your skin due to the effect that comes with pulling of the wax off the skin. It can cause some skin redness and soreness. If you are not used to the process, you are advised against the use of hot waxing around the eye region and on any sensitive areas.


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