Eyebrow tinting

Your face determines your beauty and it is the architecture of your facial structures that determines how beautiful you will look in the long run. One of these crucial features is your eyebrows. They are one of the features that define you not only in terms of beauty but also in communication i.e. facial expressions. It is very important therefore that you have them in the right shape and size. Apart from eyebrows trimming, the other thing that you can do to achieve a perfect eyebrow is eyebrow tinting. Depending on your intended end result either or both of these may be applicable to you.

Eyebrows trimming will usually involve shaping of your eyebrows by getting rid of hair that lies beyond the wanted hair line. This has been and still is the most preferred way of keeping the eyebrows in check. It is usually applicable to those who have excess hair on their eyebrows and will need to get rid of some of it to keep a trendier look. There are several techniques of doing eyebrow trimming. The four main ones are waxing, threading, tweezing and electrolysis. Waxing, threading and tweezing will both involve plucking out of hair using different techniques while electrolysis will involve killing of the hair root to avoid hair growth. In comparison to trimming, eyebrow tinting is usually used to enhance the eyebrow. It is used to enhance the look of the eyebrow by making it broader in a way.

This is mainly done by dyeing the eyebrow and the region around it according to the expected shape of the eyebrow. Eyebrow tinting was invented to help those who have a receding brow. A receding brow can either be brought about by ageing, a condition or even use of some other beautification stuff. It is very common to those who have been using electrolysis to trim their hairline. This is because electrolysis usually works by killing the hair root by use of electric current that is usually passed to the hair root via a thin probe. On killing the root, hair will not be able to grow on the affected area. This is usually very good in the initial stages because it enables one to maintain a permanent eyebrow shape. The problem comes in when one starts ageing and their eyebrow starts reducing naturally. Without enhancers like tints, your eyebrow will be seen as a margin of its original self.

Eyebrow tinting has been of much help to those who need it to maintain their good looks. So far the tints have been made in black, chestnut, blue-black or brown. Your choice among these colors will largely depend on your looks. You are usually advised against making these decisions without involving a professional. To achieve the best looks always seek advice from those involved in the trade. You are also advised against doing the application on your own. This is because of the health hazards that are involved with accidents in the process, considering the sensitivity of the eye. As much as beauty is important, your health should be factor number one and should be highly considered.


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