Brow threading vs waxing

They say that the end justifies the means but what if the means have a better alternative in all aspects of the game? As much as the most important thing in a beauty session is the end product, how you get there is also a thing to consider.Brow threadingrepresents that aspect of the game that you simply can’t ignore when it comes to trimming of your eyebrows. For those who have not tried it, I can guarantee that once you start, you will never think of an alternative way of trimming your eyebrows because it is not only unique in technique but it also produces wonderful results.

For those who have never encountered brow threading, it involves the use of cotton thread to trim your eyebrows. It is more than an art than a beauty process as the thread will be expertly used to pluck out the unwanted hairs one at a time thus achieving a magnificent end result. Waxing on the other hand is usually done with the help of wax, as the name suggests. Usually, the hypoallergenic wax will be applied to the skin on the areas with the unwanted hair. A special strip of paper is then laid over the wax before it hardens and after it has hardened the paper will be used to remove the wax plus the hair that will be now attached to it.

So what makes brow threading better than waxing? There are a number of reasons that have made this a better option. One of them is the time that you will have to spend in your saloon to achieve the intended result. As compared to any other method, threading has been known to take the least amount of time. When doing waxing, you have to give the wax some time to cure before you can pull it out. It doesn’t matter whether you are using natural means or synthetic wax, the wait is a must in both of these cases. It is even worse when you are plucking out hair using tweezers because you will have to do a hair at a time and depending on how bushy you are, this can take some considerable time. Threading will pluck out a whole line of hair at a time and there is no waiting time involved. The results also do last longer since the hairs are pulled out from the follicle.

If you are a person with sensitive skin, then you should definitely take brow threading as your preferred option. This is because waxing in comparison to threading will expose you to a number of chemicals which may not be good for your skin and general health. The waxing process will also expose you to some chemical reactions which may not work well with your skin. In most cases, those who have gone through a waxing process or even tweezing will be left with raw, inflamed skin. In threading, there will be no contact with the skin and hence it will always remain as good as it was.


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