Brow shaping methods

Brow shaping as a beauty enhancer was started several years ago, it is only that it has evolved with time with different methods being introduced. Depending on how you like it done and how much you have to spend, there are approximately four methods from which you can choose from. Each has its own advantages and disadvantage and it is important that you know what each method entails to avoid poor decision making. Any of them may achieve the required result but the level of accuracy and the procedure involved is what sets them apart.

One of the oldest brow shaping methods is tweezing. Though the tool that might have been in use in the earlier stages may not be the same that is used at the moment, the basic principle is the same. Its name is derived from the name of the tool that is used in this process i.e. tweezers. In this procedure, trimming of the hairline will be done by plucking out the unwanted hair by use of tweezers. The main disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time owing to the fact that you achieve the intended result by plucking the hairs one at a time. It is also painful especially if the person doing it is not well trained.

The other of its kind is threading. Threading has the same underlying principle as tweezing save for the different tools that are used. As its name suggests, this procedure involves the use of a cotton thread to pluck out hair. Both tweezing and threading are precise brow shaping methods. If well done, these techniques have the potential to achieve very good results. Threading is the most preferred by most people because it can achieve good results and it is also faster.

Of all the available methods, waxing is the only brow shaping method that involves the use of chemicals. In waxing, some synthetic wax is applied on the surface having the unwanted hair. Some special strip of paper is then laid on the wax before it cures. The setting is then left for some time to cure after which the wax is removed by pulling on the strip of paper. Since the hair will be entangled in the cured wax, it will be pulled out in the process of removing the wax. This is a method that is widely used owing to its ease of use though its main disadvantage is the exposure to chemicals and its effect on the skin.

For those who may wish for a permanent result, the best method is electrolysis. It achieves a permanent result by killing the root of the hair by use of an electric current that is directed to the root through a thin metal probe. Due to its result and the nature of the procedure, this is the most expensive method. Its main disadvantage is the receding brow with age which may result to very few or no eyebrows when one gets older.

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