Advantages and disadvantages of threading eyebrows

It may be the preferred means of facial hair trimming but it definitely has its ups and downs. It is however important to note that the pros of threading eyebrows far outweigh the cons and that is why it has earned a soft spot in most people. Though it is the preferred means, this does not mean that it is the best in all instances. So far it has proved to be the best in dealing with facial hair. This is because this is the area that is so important when it comes to drawing the bar in beauty and thus requires maximum attention. Also because of its mode of operation, it can only be used in instances when you need to pluck out just a handful of hair. Its preciseness also means clear hairlines and that is all that one needs when it comes to facial beautification. In other areas where you need to pluck out a lot of hair and does not require any form of preciseness, any other method like waxing may be applicable. This does not mean that threading cannot be done here, it is only that it will take a lot of time in such regions.

So, what makes threading eyebrows the most preferred method of trimming your eyebrows? In comparison to other methods, threading has far much superior values which make it an instant hit whenever it is introduced. As compared to other methods that will involve the use of chemicals, this method is totally chemicals free. Waxing for example will expose you to chemicals that contain carcinogenic parabens, resins, dangerous dyes and artificial fragrances. This chemicals are generally not good for your skin and your general health and hence should be avoid if possible. Apart from the action of the chemicals on the skin, the skin can also be tampered with by the processes involved in both waxing and tweezing. This makes them inferior to threading especially to those with sensitive skin since it does not affect your skin. The only way you can avoid the red, inflamed skin after hair trimming is therefore through avoid such methods as waxing. Threading will also help you save some time since it is faster in comparison to tweezing which works on one hair at a time principle and waxing which will use some time for the wax to cure. This is further enhanced by the long time that the hair takes to grow back after threading.

The cons of threading eyebrows are far more inferior. This mainly come in play if the person doing it on you is not experienced enough. The disadvantage with this is that there is no way of proving ones experience until they have worked on you since one does not require a license to do this. If done poorly, threading can be painful and also will result in hair breakage rather than removal which means it will take a shorter time for them to grow back. Also, you can’t thread until the hair has reached a certain length that it can be picked out by the thread.


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